Postpartum can come with moments of bliss and desparation all at once. What’s happening? What are all these emotions? Who is this stranger? Shouldn’t I do an exam before taking home my baby? Ouch the pieing! What’s happening to my body? Is this normal?! So many unknowns at the same time. So much confusion. And ohh the exhaustion! 

Just like birth, you can never know in advance what postpartum will be like for you. Some women sail through it, but for many women there is at least some kind of struggle. That is exactly why it can be helpful to prepare for it.

 Think about what you might need, listen to what others have found helpful. You don’t know yet what it will be like for you, but by preparing you’ll have a realistic idea of what to expect and you’ll know where to find your answers once one of the postpartumbombs drops.

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