While moms-to-be have abundant resources, dads often feel like rookies in this uncharted territory. That’s why Benjamin Watson wrote “The New Dad’s Playbook.” As a Super Bowl champion and father of five, Watson shares a comprehensive game plan—from pre-season preparation for fatherhood to the Super Bowl of birth and the post-season of bringing the baby home.

This tell-it-like-it-is guide helps dads understand the physical and emotional journey of their wives, offering support for the most critical teammate. From handling the unexpected to navigating work-life balance, Watson’s practical advice transforms men from uncertain players to confident participants in the journey of fatherhood.

Written for “the guy who doesn’t think he’s ready to become a father and, whether he admits it or not, fears the challenges of the unknown” (p. 28), the book does have some stereotypes an assumptions. Nevertheless, with love, care, and a strong hand, The New Dad’s Playbook is a great guide for dads who are ready to face the challenges of the unknown and embrace the joys of fatherhood.

Find the book on Amazon or whatch an interview with Benjamin Watson below.

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