In this episode, former professional footballer Stuart Parnaby and his wife Paula share their stillbirth story on the Still Parents Podcast. Since the Still Parents podcast usually focuses on the loss stories of dads, this is a unique episode with both parents as guests.

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Trying to conceive #

The episode starts with some lighthearted conversation about their respective locations of residence and accents. Then, Stuart and Paula dive into how they met and decided to start a family. After being a couple for a few years, Stuart and Paula decide it is time to have a baby. They try for a year without any positive results. So they decide to go to a doctor and get some testing done. Following the doctor’s advice, they started the IVF journey.

Pregnancy and stillbirth #

After five attempts, they finally get pregnant in 2013. It is a huge relief, and they savor every moment of the pregnancy, making it to 36 weeks. But one day, after a hike, Paula notices less movement from the baby. The next day at the doctor’s office, their joy shatters – the baby had passed away in utero.

Following their loss, they went through three more rounds of IVF before successfully welcoming a healthy baby.

Impact on worklife #

Throughout the conversation, Stuart shares his perspective, giving insights into how his role as a professional footballer intertwined with this emotional journey. They talk about its impact on his work and how much he felt comfortable discussing it with his teammates. The talk is honest, down-to-earth, with a mix of humor and space for those tough emotions.

Lifetime impact #

This podcast episode was recorded about 10 years later, meaning that there is a little bit of distance between the stillbirth and this conversation. Nevertheless, Stuart and Paula share how their loss influences their life to this day.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not medical advice. See for more information.

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