During pregnancy, it can be incredibly helpful to listen to the birth stories shared by other women. Listening to a variety of birth experiences can help you identify your expectations and desires. Moreover, it helps you in forming realistic expectations and preparing for various scenario’s. Therefore, I will be sharing some of the best birth story podcasts so you can listen to experiences of women around the world.

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The Birth Hour #

If we are talking birth stories, the Birth Hour podcast is definitly the #1 place to go. Hosted by Bryn, every episode dives into the birth story of a community member, discussing pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. With two new episodes a week, 5 million listeners a year in over 150 countries, this is undoubtedly one of the best birth story podcasts.

Listen to this podcast on Spotify, or Apple Podcast or go to https://thebirthhour.com/ for more information about the Birth Hour.

Morning Chava #

In the Morning Chava podcast (formerly known as miraculous mamas podcast) host doula Elizabeth Joy mixes birth stories, expert interviews, and some stories about her own life. Recommended if you are interested in hearing about the birth experience of some more well known people as well.

Listen to this podcast on Spotify, or Apple Podcast or go to https://elizabethjoy.co/ for more information about Morning Chava.

Evidence Based Birth #

I consider the Evidence Based Birth podcast one of the best podcasts for pregnant people in general. Not only do they present all the research evidence for specific birth practices, the Evidence Based Birth podcast also has regular interviews where followers of the show share their birth experiences. If you like the EBB podcasts, definitely give these episodes a go as well!

Listen to this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast or Google Podcast or go to https://evidencebasedbirth.com/ for more information about Evidence Based Birth.

Wijzer in Verwachting #

Finally, for our Dutch audience, there’s the Wijzer in Verwachting podcast featuring birth stories from individuals in the Netherlands. Hosted by doctors Bregje and Mirte, each episode features a couple sharing their unique birth story. Following the narrative, the hosts pose questions and provide a brief mini-masterclass, elaborating on certain aspects mentioned by the couple. This podcast stands out for its uniqueness in having both parents recounting the story together, rather than just the mother or birthing person.

Listen to this podcast on Spotify, or Apple Podcast or go to https://drsmama.com/ for more information about Wijzer in Verwachting.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not medical advice. See womenswise.com/disclaimer for more information.

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