When it comes to learning more about the menstruation cycle and female fertility, I have a few go-to resources that I can recomend every woman to take a look at. I’ll share them with you in this article.

Fertility Friday #

In the Fertility Friday podcast expert Lisa Hendrickson-Jack discusses all you need to know about fertility, the menstruation cycle, related diseases and birth control. Lisa considers your hormonal cycle to be one of the most important health indicators. She has also written a book whose title basically says it all: The Fifth Vital Sign. If you want to learn more about your hormonal health in general or have a specific issue that you have questions about, you should definitly check out the Fertility Friday Podcast.

Read more about Lisa’s work at https://fertilityfriday.com/ or buy The Fifth Vital Sign at Amazon or Bol.com.

Period Power #

Period Power is a simple and practical guide for syncing daily life with your menstrual cycle. In this book one of my personal heroes, Maisie Hill, explains what happens to your hormones each month and shows how you can make the most of each phase. She also gives some guidance on common issues and symptoms. This amazing book helps you understand, appreciate and respect your body.

Maisie Hill also has a podcast, that I can totally recommend, but is generally more related to personal growth and coaching.

Check out Period Power on Amazon or Bol.com, or listen to the Maisie Hill Experience on Spotify.

All experts in one place #

Interested in getting to know Lisa Hendrickson-Jack and Maisie Hill at the same time? That’s possible! Listen to episode 311 of the Fertility Friday below to get to know their stories, hear them exchange expertise and tryout if you like their vibes.

Or listen to this episode on Spotify.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not medical advice. See womenswise.com/disclaimer for more information.

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