The So now what podcast podcast primarily features short episodes delving into themes surrounding childlessness. Host Lana Manikowski initially envisioned becoming a mother, but infertility and multiple rounds of IVF did not result in pregnancy. Leading her to become childless not by choice.

Over the following years, she struggled with accepting this deviation from her dreams. Meanwhile she was looking for a community or someone that could help her navigate life. That is when she got into Life Coaching and everything changed into transformative journey that ultimately inspired her to launch the “So Now What” podcast.

The podcast #

In this podcast, Lana shares brief episodes, incorporating coaching and insights for women navigating childlessness. Her goal is to assist women in rediscovering a thriving life. The episodes cover everyday situations and explore themes of meaning and life purpose.

You can listen to her podcast on Spotify, Apple, or a podcast app of your choice.

Read more about Lana Manikowski and the programs that she offers at

DISCLAIMER: This information is not medical advice. See for more information.

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